The Leonora tramway

Leonora Tramway Opening
Opening day of Leonora's electric tramway.

Leonora, a small mining town about 235 kilometres to the north of Kalgoorlie, has a most unusual tramway history, beginning in 1901 with a privately operated steam tram system.

In 1902 the local Council took over the system and commenced running a steam service to the nearby town of Gwalia in 1903.

An electric power station opened in the town in 1907, and an electric tram service began in November 1908.

Leonora Tramway
The Leonora tram in original condition.

Leonora Tram
The modified Leonora tram body, still preserved in the district.

The tramcar was a single-truck open combination car, which unusually had twin trolley-poles for double overhead wire. Another unusual aspect of the tram was that it was later shortened to saloon form, supposedly to allow it to negotiate awkward curves on the track.


In 1915 the power station burnt down and the electric tram service ceased. It was replaced by a petrol-driven motor tram, which ran until 1921, when the tramway finally closed.

Leonora Steam Tram
The Leonora steam tram.

Leonora Motor Tram
The Leonora motor tram.

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